Rich Ho is a Golden Horse Awards nominee, an award winning film director/producer and music composer. 
With nearly 20 years of film and music experience in over 30 different film productions that range from feature films, short films, to documentaries, he enjoys all aspects of making films, from scriptwriting, directing, to music and visual effects creation. Rich has been honing his creative and technical skills to make films that are both artistic and commercially entertaining.

In 2004, he became the 1st Singaporean to be nominated for the “Chinese Oscars” Taipei Golden Horse Awards for “Best International Digital Short Film”. And in 2006, he became the 1st Singaporean to be awarded a “Gold Award for Digital Art” in the Asia-Pacific wide ACMSIGGRAPH ComGraph which honors achievements in computer graphics artistry. With a distinct flair in Asia for producing and directing films heavy in fantasy and visual effects, his efforts were awarded with a “Special Technical Achievement Award” in the 2003 Hive Film Festival.

The films that he directed and/or composed the music have not only been nominated for the Golden Horse Awards, but also been awarded and featured at leading international film festivals across AsiaAmerica, and Europe.

Rich Ho, with his production company, Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd, will be directing and producing the technologically ground breaking short movie, “The Boy and His Robot”.